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January 30, 2021 10:09 am  

I recently had to reimage my table's SD card to get my coffee table running properly after it had been shut down for several days while waiting for a replacement LED strip that I installed after the original strip failed.  After reimaging the SD card, I followed instructions I had previously received from Sisyphus Support for restoring tracks and playlists.  I had previously backed up "/home/pi/sisbot-server/sisbot/content", and to restore them, I SSH'd to the table, ran "sudo killall node", and then used WinSCP (an SFTP client) to delete the existing files in the Content folder and its subfolders and then copy my backed up file set.

Things looked ok until I noticed multiple occasions where playing "Hep" followed by "C Warp 3B" resulted in the ball tracing an endless loop.  I had seen this before with a different pair of tracks, and Sisyphus Support determined that one of those tracks had become corrupted.  Remembering that, I deleted and redownloaded both "Hep" and "C Warp 3B", and the behavior no longer occurs.

However, this leaves open the question as to why this sort of corruption occurred in the first place, either when the Content folder was originally backed up or restored.  I realize that this backup and restore method is not officially supported, but given the number of playlists and downloaded tracks I have, and the number of times I have had to perform factory resets or SD card reimages to deal with the number of issues I have encountered, I would have gone out of my mind having to rebuild everything from scratch each time.

I strongly request that Sisyphus implement an official and reliable backup and restore mechanism. I can't imagine it would be very difficult to have a reliable method of packaging the Content folder into a zip file for backup and then extract that zip file when restoring.  Even if it's only available from the Web interface rather than smartphone apps, it would be helpful.

Failing that, can you at least address this corruption issue?  I've never encountered so many occasions with a modern device of data loss and corruption as I have with this table.  Apparently data corruption/loss when the table lost power was a known issue (and one I experienced), and yet an actual "Shut Down" function was only added to the firmware very recently.  And somehow when copying files back and forth, it can't be assumed that the files will all be intact?  I'm not sure what accounts for this table's "digital fragility" given that it's running Linux and it's the year 2021, but if those issues can't be fixed, then that makes the case for a reliable backup and restore method even stronger.

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