About the Artist

Bruce Shapiro has dedicated the past 25 years to exploring motion control as a medium for artistic expression. His computer controlled kinetic art pieces are permanent installations in museums in Switzerland, Germany, US, Canada, Poland and Australia. The Sisyphus table is the first of its kind, a museum-quality kinetic art sculpture for your home. See more of Bruce’s work at http://www.taomc.com/

Bruce Shapiro
Construction shot of motor

Meet the Sisbot

Below a fine layer of sand, is a two-motor robot we aptly named, the Sisbot. It controls a magnet that pulls the metal ball along a programmed path of polar coordinates. The metal-base Sisyphus tables feature stepper motors, which are quiet, precise, and perfectly suited for the smaller diameter art pieces. The wood-base tables feature powerful servo motors, which are quieter and more precise at higher speeds, making them better suited for the larger sizes. Each Sisbot is built by hand and individually tested before placement in the tables.

Playlist for the Eyes

Your Sisyphus is shipped with a standard list of more than 25 tracks. It has no on/off switch. You simply plug it in, and it automatically calibrates itself, loads the default list of tracks, and begins playing. If you want to control the playlist, you can use any web browser and Wi-Fi connection or download our iOS or Android mobile app to select favorite tracks, create custom lists, pause or change the speed, and dim the table lighting. You can also download tracks shared by others online, or create your own Sisyphus tracks using popular drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator, and send the saved files to your table.