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Start Sharing and Saving on Sisyphus Kinetic Art

Current Sisyphus owners are eligible to share a free referral link that can be found at on the refer a friend tab. By sharing this link with a friend, friends can get an automatically applied 10% Off discount on a purchase made with referral link. The 10% discount may not be combined with any other coupon, discount or sale.


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Upon fulfillment on a friend’s order, Referrer will get a referral reward coupon worth 10% of friend’s purchase price, not including taxes, shipping, or other fees. The referral reward coupon may be used for any product purchase at, and may be combined with additional referral reward coupons under the same name. It may not be combined with other discount coupons or sales.

Example: An existing customer (Referrer) shares their referral link with a friend who uses that link to purchase from our site.

· A friend (Referee) purchases an item priced at $1000 retail and shipping costs $20. They receive a 10% discount and are charged $900 + $20 shipping = $920.

· The Referrer will see this purchase at on the refer a friend tab. It will show pending until the order is fulfilled.

· Once the Referee’s order is fulfilled, the Referrer will receive a coupon for $90 credit toward any new product purchases they make. This will show up on the Referrer’s my account page under the refer a friend tab.

· After the Referee’s order is fulfilled, they can begin referring their friends and earning referral reward coupons themselves.

*By using the referral link, you acknowledge you have read and understand the Refer a Friend rules located in our Terms of Service, and agree to follow these rules.

New to the Program? Order now to start saving on Sisyphus while sharing the beauty of Kinetic art

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