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Tasker + Autovoice = Google Assistant control & Routines  


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August 29, 2019 7:56 am  

Hi All,

I thought I would share how I have set up Tasker, an Android app, to control my table, including controlling it using google assistant and routines. See screenshots attached.

Table IP address

  1. For this setup to be stable, you must login to your router
  2. determine the IP address of your Sisyphus
  3. Set the IP address of the Sisyphus to fixed

Tasker Task Set up (purchase may be required)

  1. In Tasker, create a 'HTTP Post' action for each Sisyphus task (I've set pause, play, sleep and wake)
  2. in Server:Port field: enter the sisyphus request, see the following documentation to determine what to put in (Thanks @safepassagedesign) and ensure you replace the IP address with the fixed address you set for your table
  3. In the Data / File field: if X is listed in the documentation put {"data":X}, so if the documentation asks for {} enter  {"data":{}} into tasker
  4. In the Content Type field: enter application/json

Voice Control 

  1. Install Autovoice from the google play store, costs a few dollars.
  2. Create a Profile in Tasker, type event, plugin , Autovoice 
  3. It will direct you to the Autovoice app, set a vocal command to go with the task (ie pause table, paws table)
  4. assign the corresponding task peviosuly set up

Google Assistant Routines

  1. Its now possible to use google Assistant to say "ask autovoice".... "pause table"
  2. This is a bit cumbersome, its possible to customise google routine as well
  3. Open Assistant, go to settings, then Assistant tab, then Routine
  4. Eithr use a preset routine, I already have a  'Goodnight' assistant routine, iand add a task "ask autovoice pause table"
  5. or create a routine with the keyword "pause table" and the action "ask autovoice pause table" to avoid the cumbersome "ask autovoice " and waiting for it to respond

Google Clock 

  1. If you use the Google Clock app from the play store, you can also link your alarms to particular routines, so your morning alarm wakes the table, or your reminder to go to bed makes the table sleep
Best of luck, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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August 29, 2019 3:55 pm  

Thanks for posting this, and the great documentation. Looking forward to seeing / hearing if others can get it to work for them!



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