How can i force sta...

How can i force start a track in middle or edge?  


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January 8, 2021 8:33 pm  

If i run the erase track and the ball stops in the middle, i usually pick a track that looks like it will start from the middle. Its disappointing when the ball travels across the table to the edge to start the design...leaving the ugly path on the final design. The same thing happens if the ball is stopped on the edge..if i want it to start making the design on the edge, sometimes it will go to the center. How or can i choose the balls starting point for a design??



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January 11, 2021 11:46 am  

This is a common question - and there are a couple tools that can help. The first is to create playlists that avoid "connectors" between paths. During playlist creation (Library tab in app > playlists > + button) you will see each track's start and end (0 means center; 1 means end) as they are added - and if a connector will be added. You can change the order of tracks in a playlist by editing the playlist and hovering over a track, then dragging it.

The other thing to be aware of is that tracks can be set to "not reversible". Normally, "01" and "10" tracks are automatically reversed as needed to avoid connector lines. But not if the track is set to non-reversible. You can change the setting by clicking on a track (in the library) and viewing its settings.

Lastly - when you play a playlist, if you choose "shuffle" it will do its best to play a random ordering of tracks without connectors - but they still may happen. If you want to make sure they never occur, make your playlists carefully and play them in sequential mode.

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