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January 21, 2019 8:51 am  

This weekend we pushed an update affecting wood base tables that may cause undesirable effects at the update time. We do suggest you update, but please follow the steps below to prevent any issues during the update.

  • Initiate the update from your app and stay by the table.
  • In 2-5 minutes the update will complete and the table will reboot.
  • As soon the ball begins to move UNPLUG your table.
  • Wait 30 seconds and plug the table back.
  • You can now operate the table as desired. 

What may happen if you do not power-cycle your table after the update - The ball will fail to return to the center and begin operating in the wrong position. This is likely to result in one of the scenarios below:

  1. The motors will fault, showing a notification that there was a hardware failure. If this does happen, you do not need to worry about damage to your table. Just power-cycle the table to resolve this.
  2. The large ball will be left in the ball park and no longer create patterns until retrieved. To resolve this you will need to remove the glass and place the large ball in the center. Power-cycle the table when this is complete.
  3. The large and small ball may be coupled to the same magnet. To resolve this remove the glass, separate the balls, leaving the large ball in the center of the table and the small ball in the ball park. Power-cycle the table.

What caused this - we pushed a functional change to the operation of these tables that is intended to increase home (center) precision. This new change by itself causes the table to not home correctly in the event it resets without power-cycling the table. This happens during factory resets, name change, and updates. To avoid this issue we added another functional change that returns the ball to home before a factory reset, name change and update. Since we added the changes simultaneously, the fix (home before update) was in place too late to prevent what you saw. Now that both changes are in effect you should not see this behavior on subsequent updates.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience,

Micah Roth, COO 

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