Shipping Woes  


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October 6, 2018 10:14 am  

Table arrived via FedEx.  The driver literally rolled the box onto the porch and up to the door!  Lord only knows how this poor table suffered on the trip!  When I ran the erase program the table ran fine until it got to the outer reaches and then the ball stopped and the table began a loud chattering.  It sounded like it was hanging up on something.  Found that one of the supports for the main plate was bent. Bent it downward a few mm and the table has run fine for an erase cycle and now a drawing.

Just an FYI. 

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October 6, 2018 12:32 pm  

Your experience sounds very similar to mine, which you can read about in this thread:

I believe the responsibility is on FedEx to use proper handling procedures.  A shipment that weighs nearly 100 pounds and has a label on it that says two people are needed to lift it, should not be carted over uneven pavement by a single employee and rolled corner over corner, which is what happened to me.  FedEx is being paid for this service and such practices, in my opinion, are not compliant.

That said, modification to the package design could help reduce problems caused by rough handling.  I suspect that the cardboard insert placed underneath the table could push against the metal support arms that hold the Sisbot, if the side of the box were pressed in.  If this insert were altered (for example, modifying the profile so that part of it sits under the outer edge of the table), then it would provide more resistance to being pushed into these supports.

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October 7, 2018 2:31 pm  

Thanks so much for relaying your experience. We are a fairly large account for FedEx (nearly a quarter million bucks last year) and they come out to our facility periodically. We will add this to our "list"! And thanks for being so resourceful - Micah intends to add the "tine bent?" check to the setup instructions for the coffee table, since Heropup's first report of this.



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