Error while playing new Play list.  


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November 14, 2019 10:25 am  

I created a  new playlist with new name. There are more than 150 tracks on the default list. When I was trying to add more than 50 tracks a time to my new playlist, the app will disconnect. So I had to add 10 tracks each time. After adding all the tracks, when I started playing tracks from my new list, there are about 40 tracks only showing at home.  But when I click on my new playlist, all the tracks are there. Please look into this. Thanks 

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November 15, 2019 10:02 am  

lgu888, Thanks for the info . We recently changed the "Next Up" list to display the next 20 tracks because of loading time issues for Playlist with 50, 100, & 150 tracks as well as to mimic most media players (ux). As for the adding more than 50 tracks , I tried to duplicate the error you are having a few times and added 50 + with no problem. Which version of beta are you on?Are you using iOS or Android? Are you creating the Playlist after downloading  from Community or are you creating the new Playlist from Library?

We recently addressed issues with adding tracks to a playlist in beta v 1.8.72 and we are releasing another very shortly. You can check your app version by going to Settings >> Advanced >> and then tap on Advanced (in the header) more than 7 times. Then look for the Local App Version (also next time you restart your app this will go back to hidden).

Thanks for letting us know and Thanks for being such an awesome contributor to the Community !! It's amazing how many great designs you have created! 

If you want to send the info to my email you can do that as well .


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