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January 2, 2020 2:28 pm  

There is no Say Hi Here Forum so I thought Table Usage would be the best place for this post!

Hey Everyone my name is Rich Shumaker and I was lucky enough to get a table for my Birthday Present end of last year from my Amazing Sister. I have already used it to make some amazing TikTok's -

I have download the user stuff to make my own stuff, that is going okay. I did have a question while I am here.

How can you create a pattern that covers up the Homing Line as quickly as possible. I understand that the machine must get it's bearings before starting but to have that line in the image for the entire time is annoying.

Thanks for the amazingly awesome technology that gives me ART all day everyday. So inspiring!!!

Have an amazing and awesome day everyone!!!

Rich Shumaker

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January 3, 2020 11:00 am  

Hi Rich,

Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear about (and see) some of your experiments. I understand about wanting to hide the "homing line." There isn't a perfect (i.e. fast) way to get rid of it - it just has to be written over by subsequent tracks. The only time homing is done is on power up, and when "manually" changing tracks or playlists. We are working on making homing "smarter" - meaning, if the ball is at the periphery (Rho=1), the ball shouldn't need to go the center (Rho=0), but can start where it is if the next track requested can start at Rho=1. We also may implement a "go directly to the closest next-track starting point" - but it will still leave an unappealing path in its wake. The only way to never let that happen is to create playlists, where you can make sure tracks are linked without homing between them.


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