Wifi channels 12 an...

Wifi channels 12 and 13  


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September 27, 2018 2:01 am  

Due to wifi congestion (sometimes over 40 SSIDs visible on 2.4GHz!) I really *need* to have my 2.4GHz network on channel 12 or 13 which are relatively less used. It seems that Sisyphus can't find the network now that I changed the channel to >11.

In Europe channels 1-13 are regularly used for 2.4GHz wifi. I understand that in the US you only use channels 1-11 for home networks. I'm doing my own projects with the Raspberry Pi 3 and it is smart enough to limit the available wifi channels depending on the region setting. 

I guess my problem is that my Sisyphus believes it is in the US and not allowed to use channels >11. How can I make it connect to a channel 12 or 13 network? I am fully comfortable with using SSH to change region setting if that is required (though I don't have the password needed).


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October 1, 2018 7:47 am  


You are correct on all counts and will need to update the region settings in the Pi. PW pm'd.


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