Apostrophe in table...

Apostrophe in table name prevents connecting?  


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December 27, 2018 4:01 pm  

I have had my table for 4 days and it has been working fine. I have been able to connect both through the iOS app and through Chrome on my Mac. I recently renamed my table from “Sisyphus” to “Doug’s Sisyphus” and have been unable to communicate with it since.

I have tried powering down my network and then the Sisyphus network appears on both the iPhone and Mac, but neither the iOS app or the browser can find the table.

I have reseated all of the cables. The power supply has a steady blue light. The red light on Raspberry Pi board is on steady. The green LEDs on the Light Board are as follows: 12v solid; 3.3v solid; first USB blinking; second USB off.

What should I try next?


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