Sisyphus Mini

What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.

Pre-order now!

We are launching our second Kickstarter on Tuesday, May 14th, at noon CDT, introducing the “Mini” – smaller, more affordable models of Sisyphus kinetic art.

We are excited about this new size option – and in fact started working on this in 2015, well before our 2016 Kickstarter introducing our tables.

Q: Why are we doing this, and why now?

A: Because it is time to take Sisyphus to the next level, and the key is building our community. 

Whether you own a table from the first Kickstarter or our online site, or are thinking about it – making Sisyphus more accessible to more people means more track composers, which means more and better tracks – which is good for all Sisyphus owners. There is so much to discover – the more explorers, the better!

We are also using this new Mini campaign to catalyze the release and support of new options and features that will apply to all Sisyphus owners, past and future:

  • Individually controllable RGBW (color+white) LED lighting options, all sizes – including retrofit kits for existing tables.

  • 2-ball (“Tantalus mode”) option, all sizes – including retrofit kits.

  • Easy to use public design library, making it easy to download (and upload) new tracks.

  • Building out of our Forums, making it easier for community members to connect and share their enthusiasm and favorite tracks as well as to share ideas and experiments (both software and hardware).

We at Sisyphus Industries are deeply committed to improving and expanding the Sisyphus experience. Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. Stay tuned – we will be updating this page as we approach the May 14 launch!