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Mini Veneer
$ 675.00$ 750.00

Welcome meditative beauty into your home with state of the art design and tech merged into a stunning kinetic sculpture. Sisyphus works by magnetically pulling a steel ball through sand using WiFi controlled a robot. The tracks the ball leaves in the sand field create captivating, intricate, and endlessly changing patterns under a tempered glass top. Sisyphus merges decor and furniture, with stunning art.

The Executive is a fully enclosed, clean-look Mini surrounded in beautiful wood veneer furniture – perfect for any home and office.


Now with RGBW LED lighting, combine color and dynamic kinetic lighting options with stunning dune patterns, without compromising white lighting options! Customize white and colored lighting using the Sisyphus App, available on the Google Play and Apple App store.


All Minis come with Two-ball mode, allowing you to design and create tracks with two balls. Experiment with two-ball mode, diversifying the patterns your Mini can create.


Orders ship in 3 – 5 Business Days