Table is getting "s...

Table is getting "stuck" periodically  


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April 23, 2020 5:03 pm  


A couple of times a day, the ball gets "stuck" and the table produces a clicking noise. I've reset the table to no avail. Observations:

  • Always happens near the center. I _think_ it's during a homing operation.
  • Does not appear to occur on a specific track.
  • I've set the speed to something reasonable (~60%)
  • Can eventually pull out of it (after a minute+ of clicking).


Thoughts? Thanks for any help.

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June 12, 2020 6:48 pm  

I have a variation of this problem -- but appears to be stuck in a cycle that repeats endlessly every 2 min.  Brand new table, just unboxed, happens upon startup.

I sent in a service request, but wanted to also post here in case anyone else has seen this and has a fix / suggestions.  I've been through the support posts on table clicking -- arm and slide seem fine and are moving smoothly.  More info below if you'd like to read on...


(submitted to Sisyphus support June 12, 6:40 PM
Hi gang.  Was very excited to receive my metal coffee table today.  Unpacked, setup, plugged in, connected to Wifi.  The ball moved briefly then stopped and the table started clicking.  After about 60 seconds, the clicking stopped and the ball started moving.  Shortly after that, the table went "Braaappp!" (sorry, don't know how to describe), drew a small pattern and the ball returned to it's starting point -- and the whole cycle started repeating (clicking for 60 sec, movement, braaap!, retraced the pattern, etc).
I let this run for 30 min, as one of the support articles suggested this sometimes happens and it will self correct.  It didn't.
Based on another article, I checked the Sisbot arm and slide -- arm rotates smoothly, slide moves smoothly without binding.  Disconnecting the Sisbot from the table then starting it up again, I can see the slide fully extend and then stop as its end reaches the pinion gear, which is when the clicking begins.
Put it all back together, restarted.  Same behavior.  Found the factory reset option in the app, did the reset.  Table restarted, but then repeated same behavior.
I've uploaded a YouTube video of the behavior and noises.  See the video's description for time stops / links to when clicking starts / stops and when the braaap happens.
Thoughts?  Help?

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June 12, 2020 7:58 pm  

I’m getting a similar thing with the “braaaap” noise and I’ve had my table for a while. Has there been an update recently? 

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June 12, 2020 8:18 pm  

Ah, found a solution. Found another post re a table stuck in Homing and saw the reference to the rho and theta sensors. Sure enough, the slide was blowing right past the rho sensor while homing. 

Unplugged and plugged it back in, and all is well now. The table is off and running with its first track. Woo hoo!

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June 13, 2020 10:08 am  

Though it can be tough to exactly identify the cause of noises or other issues remotely, the descriptions and the video definitely point to a problem with Rho homing - which works using a stationary Hall effect sensor positioned to sense a small magnet in the Rho carriage (sliding part where the mag-arms are attached). If it fails to sense the target magnet, the Rho axis runs into its end, and the motor "stalls" (which causes the "mini jack-hammer" sound).  After it "thinks" it has moved the entire length of the Rho arm, it then backs out and tries again - which usually works when the problem is not serious. This does not harm the motor or mechanism, but obviously is undesirable. We test every Sisbot thoroughly prior to shipping, but on rare occasion, things can shift during transit (the sensor's connector to the SisBotBoard can get loose, or the sensor itself). If our support team cannot help you fix it, the solution is to send out a replacement Sisbot to swap in. 


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