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Ball Size
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We always encourage customers to try different sized balls in various configurations. Please note that some configurations work better than others.

All two ball products were given two sizes of balls to use. Traditionally the larger ball is placed on the head magnet which we refer to as Sisyphus or the head ball and the smaller ball on the opposing magnet, otherwise known as Tantalus or the tail ball.


Our default sizes are listed below:
Mini’s – 7/16″ Head, 3/8″ Tail
Side Table – 1/2″ Head, 7/16″ Tail
Metal Coffee Table – 5/8″ Head, 1/2″ Tail
3ft Hardwood Coffee Table – 5/8″ Head, 1/2″ Tail
4ft Hardwood Coffee Table – 25/32″ Head, 5/8″ Tail


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