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Welcome meditative beauty into your home with state of the art design and tech merged into a stunning kinetic sculpture. Sisyphus works by magnetically pulling a steel ball through sand using WiFi controlled a robot. The tracks the ball leaves in the sand field create captivating, intricate, and endlessly changing patterns under a tempered glass top. Sisyphus merges decor and furniture, with stunning art.

The base is welded, solid steel with powder coated black finish, black or wood-veneer sides and top ring, and 1/4″ tempered glass top. Dimmable interior LED lights. Stepper motors.

Connect your table to Wifi and unlock 400+ tracks made and shared by other table users around the world. Create your own designs right from the app and customize your kinetic art experience.

RGBW LED lighting combines color and dynamic kinetic lighting options with stunning dune patterns, without compromising white lighting options! Customize white and colored lighting using the Sisyphus App, available on the Google Play and Apple App store.

After careful consideration, the Sisyphus Team has come to the conclusion that 2-Ball will no longer be standard on our products. This decision comes from a combination of working with customers and using our own in-house Sisyphus. While this feature does open up new design options, it frequently requires removing the glass of your Sisyphus, causing the kinetic art experience to be less calming and meditative than intended.

If you would like 2 ball mode on your table, you can purchase our 2 Ball Kit over in the Parts store. The kit will require installation


Please note that due to variations in wood grain, color, and construction your table may vary slightly from the images shown here.