Referral Program

Program Description

When you purchase a Sisyphus table from Sisyphus Industries, you qualify to participate in the Sisyphus Referral Program. Under the Program, you receive a Referral Credit after a person or entity uses your Referral Link, places a qualifying order via the Sisyphus site, takes delivery, and keeps the table beyond any eligible return date or any final money-back guarantee date.


Referrer: A Referrer is someone who has a Referral Link issued by Sisyphus Industries that he or she shares with a Friend.

Friend: A Friend is person or entity that uses a Referrer’s Referral Link on the Sisyphus site when making a qualifying purchase, enabling the Referrer to become eligible to potentially receive a Referral Credit.

Program: The Sisyphus Referral Program.

Referral Link: A Referral Link is an https link that is unique to each person participating as a Referrer in the Program that is used to identify which Friends they have referred.

Pending Referral Credit: A potential benefit offered by Sisyphus to the Referrer upon Friend’s use of Referral Link at the time the Referral Link is used.

Referral Credit: A benefit offered by Sisyphus to the Referrer when Friend’s table ships.

Terms of Participation

  1. Referrers receive a Referral Link from Sisyphus Industries. Referrer may then give your Referral Link to as many Friends as you like, but each link may be used up to 10 times only and expire two years from date received.
  2. Only one referral link can be used per order.
  3. You agree to not solicit or “spam” anyone you do not personally know.
  4. For a Referrer to receive a Referral Credit, a Friend must:
    1. Use the Referrer’s Referral Link
    2. make actual and full payment;
    3. not cancel the order; and
    4. take delivery and keep the table beyond any eligible refund date or any final money-back guarantee date.
  5. Referrers are eligible to earn Referral Credits as provided in the section “Current Offer” or “Past Offers” below based on the date when the Friend’s purchase was made.
  6. Referrer must make clear that he or she is compensated by Sisyphus in any sharing or posting of a Referral Link. For example, “If you use this link, you will get a discount and I’ll get credits too!”
  7. Notification: Referrers are notified by email when a Friend uses the Referrer’s Referral Link at the time of purchase. Email notification will also be sent notifying Referrers when the referral award is to be awarded. Sisyphus is not responsible for email that is blocked, lost or misplaced by the recipient, their service provider or users of the recipient’s computer and equipment, or that is otherwise undeliverable due to changes in the Referrer’s email address, blacklisting or blocking of a service provider or Referrer’s email address, or other such failures beyond Sisyphus’s reasonable control.
  8. Program Modification and Termination: Sisyphus reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend or terminate all or part of this Program, including any credits, credit amounts, timing of credits, at any time without notice. Referrers and Friends are solely responsible for verifying that the Program is still in effect at the time they make or participate in new referrals. Any potential credits at the time the Program is modified, suspended or terminated will be subject to the terms and conditions in effect at the time of a Friend’s purchase with a Referrer’s Referral Link.
  9. Abuse: If at any time Sisyphus suspects or determines, in its sole discretion, that a Referrer or Friend has not complied with these Terms & Conditions or have otherwise abused the spirit or terms of this Program or violated any laws or ordinances in any way, it may, in addition to any other rights and remedies it may have against Referrer or Friend, immediately and without notice to Referrer or Friend, terminate or suspend their participation in the Program and refuse to award for referrals. Sisyphus shall not be liable to Referrer or Friend or to any third party for any claim or cause of action arising out of such termination or suspension.
  10. Taxes: Sisyphus may be required by law to report payments to Referrers or Friends to state, federal and/or local tax authorities. If it is determined that a Referrer or Friend has received credit payments requiring Sisyphus  to report those payments, Sisyphus  may contact the Referrer or Friend by email to request required tax reporting information including, but not limited to the Referrer’s or Friend’s social security number or other valid taxpayer ID. Failure to provide such information within 30 days will result in the payments being forfeit.

Current Offer

Valid since April 28, 2018.

For a Sisyphus metal side table, Referrer will receive $75.00 in Sisyphus  credits, which can be exchanged for Sisyphus  products.

For a Sisyphus metal coffee table, Referrer will receive $100.00 in Sisyphus  credits, which can be exchanged for Sisyphus  products.