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Table Size
$ 25.00

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**Kit will not come preinstalled if ordered with Tables or Mini’s


After careful consideration, the Sisyphus Team has come to the conclusion that 2-Ball will no longer be standard on our products. This decision comes from a combination of working with customers and using our own in-house Sisyphus. While this feature does open up new design options, it frequently requires removing the glass of your Sisyphus, causing the kinetic art experience to be less calming and meditative than intended.

We will still continue to offer support for 2 ball mode, but please note that this is now an obsolete feature that we will no longer focus on.


Create even more dynamic sand designs with 2-Ball Mode. 2-Ball mode allows for the control of two steel balls on your Sisyphus, the new addition works in tandem with the original ball. Together, the two create abstract, intricate designs, working best with algorithmic and symmetrical designs.


This kit requires modification to your table and some basic tools.

Install difficulty: Moderate
**Please note that your product firmware must be up-to-date